Riding Out Intense Emotions


Helpful Things to Tell Yourself

Helpful Things to Tell Yourself

We may tell ourselves that we can’t handle intense feelings, or that our feelings aren’t real or valid. However, this type of self-talk isn’t true and doesn’t help our situation. It’s better to accept your feelings without judgment, and make a plan to get through them. Check out these helpful thoughts.

Helpful Thoughts for “In the Moment”

  • All I have to do right now is keep breathing. That’s my only job. Just breathe.
  • I’m doing the best I can.
  • I’ve felt this way before and survived. I can get through this too.
  • This feeling won’t last forever. It will eventually fade and another feeling will take its place.
  • How I feel right now is neither good nor bad, right or wrong. It just is.
  • In this moment, I can’t change the situation or how I feel. Instead, I’m going to focus on not doing anything that will make the situation worse.
  • There is a big difference between feeling what I am feeling, and acting on it.
  • What I’m feeling isn’t necessarily based on facts - even though it feels very true at this moment.
  • Feeling like I can’t cope, doesn’t mean I can’t.

Helpful Thoughts for Anytime

  • Painful emotions happen for a reason, and are an important source of information and direction for me.
  • Anger and sadness are valid emotions in some situations.
  • There is always another way to see a situation, and more than one solution to a problem.
  • All people are unique and have different points of view.
  • It is important not to see the world in “black-and-white” terms.
  • As a unique person, I have unique reactions. I am allowed to feel however I feel in any given situation.
  • Knowing when to ask for help is a sign of strength and an important life skill.
  • There are people who care about me and want me to do well.
  • I may not have created my problems, but it is up to me to solve them - either on my own or with the support of others.
  • Gaining wisdom and strength only comes from making mistakes and learning from them as I go through life.
  • Life is confusing. I don’t have to figure everything out right now.

Take note of which statements above you think might be helpful to you. Write them down or put them in your phone to help you remember them when you need them.