Worry About The Future

Worry About The Future

Teen: Dear Dr. Expert,

I'm really worried about my future. I just finished Grade 8 and I'm sure I'm going to fail high school. I just got my report card and I had three Bs!! What if I never get into university?

Worrying in Winnipeg
Dr. Expert: Dear Worrying in Winnipeg,

Sounds like you're assuming that things aren't going to go well, and that horrible things are going to happen as a result. You are falling into some thinking traps and getting stuck in negative and unrealistic ways of thinking. Take a breath and see if you can come up with a more balanced and realistic way of thinking about this.

Ask yourself these questions to help:

  1. What am I basing this belief on?
  2. Am I 100% sure this is going to happen?
  3. Am I able to predict the future?
  4. What would I tell a friend if he or she was worrying this way?

Then, come up with a more realistic and helpful thought based on your answers to these questions. For example: "I'm only in Grade 8 and have four more years in high school. Bs aren't that bad, and I have plenty of time to improve my grades anyway."

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